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General Parking Warnings

Due to recent complaints and concerns voiced by members of the community in reference improper parking within the City, the Gordon Police Department will be taking action towards all types of improper parking set forth by Nebraska Revised Statues and Gordon City Ordinances. The severity of enforcement towards the different types of improper parking will be based off the safety risk that is caused.

Please note that Gordon City Ordinance provides the following:

SECTION 3-302: PARKING; GENERALLY No person shall park any vehicle or approach the curb with a vehicle except when headed in the direction of the traffic. Where parallel parking is indicated by painted street markings, vehicles shall stand parallel with and adjacent to the curb when parked, having both right wheels within 12 inches of the curb and leaving at least four feet between the vehicle so parked and any other parked vehicle. Where diagonal stalls are designated either on the curb or pavement, vehicles shall be parked within such stalls with the front wheels of the vehicle touching the curb. No vehicle shall be parked upon a roadway when there is a shoulder adjacent to the roadway which is available for parking. No person shall park a vehicle so as to obstruct a private driveway for any period of time. No person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand within 20 feet in either direction from the entrance of any fire station. ▫ (Ref. Neb. Rev. Stat. §60-6,167, 60-680)

Link to City of Gordon website statute publication: see Chapter 3 Vehicles and Traffic

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