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City Noise Ordinance

See Gordon Revised Ordinances - Chapter 2 Misdemeanors

It shall be unlawful for any person to disturb the peace and quiet of any person, family,
neighborhood or public assembly, to make any loud, boisterous or unusual noise or
to quarrel, curse, swear or use obscene or indecent language within this city. ▫
1. It is hereby determined to be unlawful to operate industrial equipment,
heavy machinery, jack hammers and other industrial equipment emitting loud noise
or to race automobile engines within the City between the hours of 8:00 P.M. and
7:00 A.M. in such a manner as to disturb the comfort, repose, peace and quiet of
residents of the City, unless such activity has been approved in advance by the City
Council. ▫
2. No person shall play, use, operate or permit to be played, used or operated
any radio, tape recorder, cassette player, compact disc player or other machine or
device for reproducing sound if it is located in or on any public property, including any
public street, highway or public space, unless the volume of amplified sound shall be
so controlled that it will not be audible for a distance greater than 100 feet from the
source and so that the volume is not unreasonably great, raucous, jarring, disturbing
or a nuisance to persons within the area of audibility.

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