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4-Wheeler Registation

4-Wheeler Registration

Visit the Gordon Police Department to complete a 4-Wheeler Registration Form and bring the following

  • Bring actual 4-Wheeler for inspection of working headlights, brake lights and presentation of orange safety flag
  • Valid current Operators Driver's License 
  • Current Proof of Insurance for the 4-Wheeler
  • $15 to be paid at City office for license

Licenses are renewed annually in January. 

Per City of Gordon Ordinance

1. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
or utility-type vehicle (UTV) on the city streets or alleys in Gordon until the owner
has demonstrated proof of insurance to the Gordon Police Department and obtained
an insurance decal for the current year. The Police Department will issue a
decal which must be affixed to the vehicle in a conspicuous place. The City will
charge a fee of $15.00 for issuance of the permit. ▫
2. An ATV or UTV may be operated on streets and highways within the corporate
limits of the village only if the operator and the vehicle comply with the provisions
of this section. ▫
3. An ATV and UTV may be operated only between the hours of sunrise and
sunset and shall not be operated at a speed in excess of 30 miles per hour. When
an ATV or UTV is operated as authorized herein, the headlight and taillight of the
vehicle shall be on and the vehicle shall be equipped with a bicycle safety flag
which extends not less than five feet above ground attached to the rear of such vehicle.
The bicycle safety flag shall be triangular in shape with an area of not less
than 30 square inches and shall be Day-Glo in color. ▫
4. Any person operating an ATV or UTV as authorized herein shall:
A. Be 21 years of age and have a valid Class O operator's license as provided
in Neb. Rev. Stat. 60-4,126. No passengers shall be allowed on
any all-terrain vehicles while operated in the City under this section. ▫
B. Have liability insurance coverage for the ATV or UTV while operating it
on a street or highway. The person operating the vehicle shall provide
proof of such insurance coverage to any peace officer requesting such
proof within five days of such a request. ▫
5. ATVs and UTVs may be operated without complying with the provisions of
this ordinance: (A) on streets and highways in parades which have been authorized
by the State of Nebraska or any department, board, commission, or political subdivision
of the state and (B) by city employees utilizing such vehicles in their municipal
duties and by owner/operators utilizing such vehicles for snow removal from
their private property. ▫
6. An ATV or UTV shall not be operated on any controlled-access highway
with more than two marked traffic lanes, and the crossing of any controlled-access
highway with more than two marked traffic lanes shall not be permitted. Subsections
(2) through (4) and (7) of this section authorize and apply to operation of an ATV or
UTV only on a street or highway other than a controlled-access highway with more
than two marked traffic lanes. ▫
7. Subject to subsection (6) of this section, the crossing of U. S. Highway 20
or Nebraska State Highway 27 shall be permitted by an ATV or UTV without complying
with subsections (3) and (4) of this section only if: ▫
A. The crossing is made at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the
direction of the street or highway and at a place where no obstruction
prevents a quick and safe crossing; ▫
B. The vehicle is brought to a complete stop before crossing the shoulder
or roadway of the street or highway; ▫
C. The operator yields the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic that constitutes
an immediate potential hazard; ▫
D. In crossing a divided highway, the crossing is made only at an intersection
of such highway with a street; and ▫
E. Both the headlight and taillight of the vehicle are on when the crossing
is made. ▫
(Neb. Rev. Stat. §60-6,356) (Am. by Ord. No. 1119, 6/11/09; 1132, 12/9/10)

Any violation of Sections 3-412 through 3-415 of this article which is also a violation
under Neb. Rev. Stat. Chapter 39 or Chapter 60 may be punished under the penalty
provisions of such chapter. ▫ (Ref. Neb. Rev. Stat. §60-6,362)
Any peace officer of the State or of any political subdivision, including conservation
officers of the Game and Parks Commission, shall be charged with the enforcement
of the provisions of Section 3-412 to 3-418 of this article. ▫