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Glen Spaugh

Glen Spaugh

Welcome to the City of Gordon website! Gordon is a wonderful place with lots to offer to someone looking to live in a small but vibrant community. As City Manager, I oversee all aspects of the city operations on behalf of the Gordon City Council. It is my honor to serve the citizens of Gordon and I welcome any and all suggestions, questions, and complaints. Feel free to visit me at anytime at the city building during business hours. We are committed to transparency and providing the public with efficient and timely services. Please let us know how we can help you.


The chief executive officer of the City shall be the city manager, who shall be responsible for the proper administration of all city affairs. The city manager shall be chosen by the City Council for an indefinite period solely on the basis of administrative qualifications and need not be a resident of the City or State when appointed.  Before taking office, the city manager shall file with the city clerk a surety company bond, conditioned upon the honest and faithful performance of his/her duties, in such sum as shall be fixed by the Council.  The premium of his/her bond shall be paid by the City.  The salary and term of office of the city manager shall be negotiated from time to time by the Council and the manager.  During the absence or disability of the city manager, the Council shall designate a properly qualified person to perform the duties of the office.  The powers and duties of the city manager shall be as follows:

1) See that the laws and ordinances are enforced.

2) Appoint and remove all heads of departments and all subordinate officers and employees in the departments in both the classified and unclassified service. Classified service appointments and removals shall be subject to the Civil Service Requirements, and unclassified service appointments shall be upon merit and fitness alone.

3) Exercise control over all departments and divisions thereof that may be created by the Council.

4) Attend all meetings of the Council, with the right to take part in the discussion but not to vote.

5) Recommend to the Council for adoption such measures as he/she may deem necessary or expedient.

6) Serve as city treasurer, performing all of the duties set forth in Sections 1-205 through 1-207.

7) Prepare the annual budget and keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City.

8) Be and assume the duties of the street commissioner, water commissioner and sewer commissioner ex officio of the City.

9) Perform such other duties as may be required of him/her by ordinance or resolution of the Council.

The city manager may, at any time, investigate the affairs of any department or the conduct of any officer or employee.  He/she, or any person appointed by him/her for that purpose, shall have the same power to compel attendance of witnesses and the production of books and papers and other evidence and to punish for contempt, which has herein been conferred upon the Council.

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