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City Clerk - Kim Buchan

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1) Attend the meetings of the City Council and maintain a proper minute book wherein shall be recorded all of the formal and informal actions of the mayor and City Council.

2) Maintain records of the various ordinances and resolutions passed by the City Council.

3) Maintain all books, papers and all other official records of the City in a safe place and make such records available for public inspection by any resident of the City during normal business hours. 

4) Have custody of the seal of the City and all written official papers of the City.

5) Maintain a complete record of all outstanding bonds against the City, showing the number and amount of each, for and to whom the said bonds were issued and all other pertinent information in regard to said bonds.

6) Draw, sign and attest all warrants ordered for the payment of money on a particular fund from which the same is payable, and at the end of each month make a report of the amount appropriated to each fund and the amount of warrants drawn thereon.

7) Attest to the mayor's signature on all official documents and attach the city seal thereon.

8) Whenever any claim presented by any person has been disallowed by the City Council, notify said claimant of said disallowance by the Council within five days after such disallowance.

9) Account for all moneys received in the normal course of city business and keep a record of the same, issuing a proper receipt to those parties making payment to the account of the City.

10) Publish or post all notices required in the performance of his/her duties and keep a record of all such notices issued, keeping a record of the publisher's affidavit of any said publication if published in a legal newspaper.

11) Make a notation on all correspondence received by the City of the date of its receipt and convey said correspondence as soon as possible to the appropriate official or employee of the City.

12) Keep and maintain all other legal papers required to be maintained by him/her either by these ordinances or by Nebraska state law.

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