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Volunteer Rescue Squad Roster

Squad Roster - April 2020

  1. Chief: Allison, Candance (Candy) - Level: EMT
  2. Assistant Chief: Belsky, Misty - Level: EMT/EMSI 
  3. Secretary: Colwell, Shelby - Level: EMT, Gordon Police Officer 
  4. Maintenance Officer: Belsky, Tim - Level: Driver, Firefighter
  5. Supply  Officer: Paul, Marchelle - Level - Driver, Assist, Firefighter
  6. Training Officer: Grover, Jan - Level: EMT/EMSI
  7. Thompson, Tiffany - Level: EMT
  8. Larson, Michael - Level: Paramedic
  9. Gabriella Charging Thunder - Assist
  10. Emily Misner - Assist
  11. Hannah Calkins: Assist, Gordon Police Officer

Pictured above L to R: Tim Belsky, Jan Grover, Marchelle Paul, Candy Allison, Shelby Colwell, Tiffany Thompson, Misty Belsky, Shane Pascale

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