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Gordon Planning Commission Working on Comprehensive Plan Amendment

2017 Demographic, Land Use, and Community Input Updates

2017 Energy Element

The Gordon Planning Commission has been working on an amendment to the city's comprehensive plan for over a year and are now prepared to share the draft documents with the community for further input. A comprehensive plan is a community planning document required by Nebraska State Statute for municipalities in order to adopt and enforce zoning regulations. Comprehensive plans are required to cover certain topics such as land use, energy use, transportation, and community facilities. The purpose of the document is to capture the ideas and thoughts of the community members and condense them into a vision for the future of the city. Six major topics have been developed from a community forum held on October 9th and during discussions at regular Planning Commission meetings. Those topics are listed below. The city encourages all community members to review both documents attached above and to share their thoughts either through writing or in person at a future Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission normally meets on the third Tuesday of the month, but all regular meeting notices are posted in the legal section of the Sheridan County Journal Star.

Community Action Topics

  1. Recreation
  2. Sidewalks/Trails
  3. Clean-up/Reduce Blight
  4. Housing
  5. Economic Development
  6. Community Support Facilities