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Gordon Planning Commission Requesting Community Participation in Surveys

The survey is now closed. 

The City of Gordon Planning Commission is requesting that residents in Gordon, NE participate in two surveys which will help provide information about needs of the community. The first survey is a community needs survey in which all residents are encouraged to participate.  The planning commission and Panhandle Area Development District are working on an update of the city’s comprehensive plan which was last updated in 2003. The comprehensive plan helps the city make decisions on land use, housing, infrastructure, and public facilities.  Residents’ responses to the needs survey will help the city develop priorities in these areas for the next five to ten years.  Completion of this survey also helps the city to be competitive for grants for things like public works, revitalization, and tourism development.  Residents are encouraged to complete the survey online by going to the city of Gordon’s homepage and clicking on the link within the new story to complete the needs survey. Hard copies will be disseminated to select groups and are available by request, as well as being available at city hall (311 N. Oak Street) and the public library (101 W. 5th Street). Survey participation is anonymous.

Some residents will receive a short two question survey in the mail to help determine whether the city of Gordon is eligible for grants for public works, revitalization, and other topics by demonstrating that the community has over 51% low to moderate income households. Hard copies of this survey will be sent to a random sampling of households.  Panhandle Area Development District (PADD) staff out of Scottsbluff is compiling the information at which time returned surveys will have responses documented.  Without this survey being completed by all who receive a copy in the mail, Gordon will not be able to determine whether it is eligible for the grants mentioned above.  Both the Needs and Income surveys must be completed and returned to PADD at 1620 Broadway Suite E-10, Scottsbluff, NE  69361 by Friday, August 11th.