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Public Works Department Installs New Sandfilter in Preparation for Swimming Pool Season

Many people may not know what a sand filter is, but it is essential to the operation of a public swimming pool. The large tank cycles the water from the pool at high pressure through a very fine sand in order to strain out all of the solid items that are undesirable in a swimming pool. The sand filter is capable of filtering the entire 190,000 gallon capacity of the pool four times each day. The previous sand filter was installed in 1976 with the current swimming pool, making it over 40 years old. The sand filter had been repaired and welded with patches multiple times in order to keep the swimming pool operational. However, it was determined that the current sand filter would not make it through another pool season. A new sand filter of the same size and capacity was purchased and installed by the city's public works crew. The new sand filter cost around $20,000.

First the piping was secured in place. Then the old sand filter was cut into pieces and carried out. The sand inside had to be hand scooped out. Below is the base of the original sandfilter.

Old Sandfilter

Next the roof was supported with posts and a beam so that a portion of the wall could be cut out in order to install the new sandfilter. 

Wall Cutout

Below, the new valves were attached to the existing pipes.

New Valves

The new sand filter was maneuvered into position by forklift and then attached to the valves. 

New Sandfilter  New Sandfilter and Valves

Finally, the wall was rebuilt and a new door frame was installed. 

New Wall and Doorframe